KBHL is growing again as We welcome the return of Little Britain.

Much discussion has taken place over the summer to sort out how this should work out. Thank you for your prayers to make it happen.

It’s through HIS Glory that we play at all so we have tried to respond to newcomers expressing interest in joining KBHL. The Exec has not secured additional ICE time for 9 teams, instead, each team will enjoy 2 Saturday Nights OFF to enable the Schedule.

All we need now is to complete the final Rosters. Please advise if YOU wish to play, or would be interested in getting traded to the new teams. Furthermore, consider your calling…if team leadership is a responsibility you could take up, the Executive would appreciate hearing from you. Assistance in running the team is available from each member of the KBHL Exec, so contrary to rumor, your Exec meetings are more like dressing-room banter at the Fellowship¬†Tournament than Firey, angry Debates!

Please call or text Steve Smith from Trentside for more information. 705-879-3720



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